Forlorn Dreams

by Arcsign

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released December 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Arcsign Bielefeld, Germany

Mit Einflüssen wie Ghost Brigade, Insomnium und Katatonia zeichnet sich der melodische Sound der Band durch eine düster- melancholische Stimmung, gepaart mit harten Rhythmuspassagen aus. Seit der Gründung im Jahr 2009 spielte die Gruppe einige lokale Auftritte (Live Undead, Noctura, etc.). 2015 arbeitete die Band, nach mehreren Umbesetzungen, an ihrem ersten Album, welches 2016 erscheinen ist. ... more

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Track Name: Transcendence
An old woman lying alone
In her bed asking herself
Many questions seeking answers
About life and about death

The other side it has been
Long departed since he died
Leaving her all alone
To herself in bitter tears

Time will tell, was it all real
Could it be, entropy
Created, just a dream
A mortal dream, transcendence

In times past he was always
There for her guiding her
Through this world showing her
All the things she can not find alone

Then one day he could not
Remember why they were together
And he knew the answer he
Couldn't share with anyone


Maybe there's no afterlife
Track Name: Leaves Are Falling
Waste your time with a bottle of wine
Kill your fear with a bottle of beer
Do everything, that is good for you
It’s your own life you’re passing through

Daily decay is hunting everyone
The good ones, the bad ones, all people together
You have to hurry, time will soon be gone
And madness seems to be your best friend

Every day - a step towards the end
The black day, nothingness, your own end forever
It’s your chance to make the best of it
So take a deep breath and move your ass

Live your life, leaves are falling
From the sky of your lifetime
Live your life, leaves are falling
From the tree of life

Life is a gift, so take care for it
With pleasure, well thoughts and effort for good health
it's your Chance to make the best of it
It’s in your hand to change everything

Your book of life with so many pages
it's empty, so virgin, your future with blank files
And make the leaves fly in your own way

Track Name: Sound Of Life
When it’s dark at night
And all the noise is gone
Sit back and enjoy
The song of life surrounds you

The noise around you kills the silence
Daily trouble is passing through your life
It may be your desire
That there is nothing left to hear

The song of life
Is hiding everywhere
But you have to seek for it
Song of life

Silence surrounds you
Take a breath, calm down
You won’t live without it
Silence (is) calling you

It has a wonderful
The most beautiful
Silence, sound of life

Track Name: Merciful Death
Your broken and withered planks
Are touching the palm of my hand
You are just like an old friend
And I think of all the time we spent

The sun fades slowly on this eve
As I push your bow toward the waves
Gusts of wind blow away the years
On their wings I too lose my fears

Merciful death, won't you come?
Embrace me. Torture me
With another rising sun
As my gaze turns to the
Towards the shoreless seas
The only place I long to be

The remains I leave behind
Are worthless you will find
Their value is in my Heart
But long time ago we fell apart

Thoughts and time you spent on me
Were wasted you will see
Now you won't see me again
I'll enjoy my last days the best I can

Track Name: Dark Days
The storm is inflamed in your mind
The clouds are getting closer
Sparks ignite the fire
That is burning in your soul

Dark clouds fill your heart with anger
Red is everything you see
The blood pressure reaches the climax
It’s time to lose your self-control

There are always those dark days
When you smash it all to pieces.
Painful thoughts bring you down
Make you shiver on the ground.

In a second your hands convert to fists
Shout out your opinion
The wind is getting colder
And a storm is raging on.


The sun fades for a second
Or even for a lifetime.
depression embraces your mind,
your aggression's rising faster

Dark days for your heart
Left these scars behind.
The wounds are deep in your mind
Invisible, painful for your soul.
Track Name: Delusions Of Despair
Darkness engulfs the path I go
striken with loneliness
I wander the empty streets
of my lifes remains
seems like everything I see
just shadows of the past
faces I once knew
I once loved

To this day my failure haunts me
Everyday it still confronts me
How could I just let it happen
why did I not take my chance

I can't let go
All this time I think about it
I can't let go
All this time I think about it

Hopeless attempts to grasp my life
overwhelmed by doubt
all that I hold on to
distant memories
Feels like i do not belong
nowhere to call my home
My mind starts to fade
I am gone

Track Name: Reflections
Once in a time
When everything has changed
Before you even realized
The alternations
New fears will appear
Tearing at your existence
Will make you think
Of not unknown aspects of live

So this was my lifetime
So many wasted doings
Was it really worth to live?
What will happen after death?

No satisfying answers
The pure reality reveals
What can you do?

What will you do?
Nothing but pursuing the way
Everyone has to go

Just one way is guiding our lives
Just one way is guiding our lives
You will keep on thinking
Until dementia,
Your youth and power.
Forever they are gone
Track Name: Death Dreamer
I open my eyes, but I'm not awake
Fear - I can't see anything
But the darkness in this room
I feel something is watching me

The blackness surrounds me
I feel it's cold embrace
I'm running for my life
But the ground is not moving under me

In this dream (this death dream)
Time stands still (time stands still)
My final seconds
Will last for many years

I'm running, I'm hiding
I'm screaming without noise
I'm fighting against shadows
I can't escape from this dream

After my journey through hell
I wake up and ask myself:
Where is the difference
Between reality and this dreams?

Refrain Every night I die another death
Nightmares, that left scars behind
I'm chained in my own head

I'm the Death Dreamer